Located within beautiful Moreton Bay, Raby Bay is formed by the Cleveland Point headland. It forms the coastline of the Redland City suburbs of Ormiston and Cleveland. Surveyor James Warner named the bay in honour of the Duke of Cleveland, who was also known as Baron Raby.

Moreton Bay is a haven for boating and water enthusiasts, who will surely love and enjoy its secluded waters, a protected marine park, 365 islands, lovely beaches, great fishing spots and perfect weather almost throughout the year.

It is also where you can find a wide variety of wildlife, including whales, turtles, dolphins, manta rays, dugongs and different species of birds.


The seagrass meadows in Raby Bay provide sustenance to the local dugong population. The canals of Raby Bay are falling into disrepair because of developments, causing the destruction of seagrass, meadows, mangroves and roosting sites for migratory wading birds. However, sightings of dugongs in the canals indicate that the seagrass is coming back to life. Unfortunately, a large number of dugongs live in the Ormiston section of the bay, which has not been impacted by development.

A weather station is located in Raby Bay, on Endeavour Canal, the main west canal. It serves this lovely bay, providing locals and tourists guidance in lifestyle activities and general day to day decisions.


The first lighthouse in Queensland was built on the north-eastern tip of Cleveland Point in 1864. The Cleveland Point Light, or Point Cleveland Light, overlooks Moreton Bay to the east and Raby Bay to the west. This lighthouse, a wooden hexagonal tower, was in use until 1974. It was replaced by a new tower made of concrete in 1976. The original structure, now a heritage listed site, was moved a short distance away, where it still remains today.

The newer light was disassembled in 2009, but it was recommended for restoration in 2010. Ownership will be transferred to Redland City Council and will serve as a tourist destination rather than used for maritime purposes.

The old lighthouse, managed by the council, is open to visitors, but the interiors are closed.

Residential Estate

Ray Bay is one of two residential canal estates in Redland City, with the other located in Birkdale, named Aquatic Paradise.

The canal estate in Ray Bay is reclaimed land intended as sites for luxury waterfront residential and commercial buildings. It has canal access to Raby Bay via recreational boats anchored at private homes or marinas.

The Raby Bay canal estate features a harbour as well as entertainment and various and dining options, which generate huge amounts of tourism money for the city.

Living in Raby Bay

The Raby Bay, Cleveland area is a lovely place to live. It is an easy commute everyday if you work in the city, it just takes 45 minutes by bus or train during peak hours. Going to the city by car is also great because the sun is behind you on the way to work and behind you again on the way home. Sounds trivial, but it is a fantastic bonus if you don’t like to drive directly into the sun for 45 minutes to and from work.

You can never go bored during weekends in the Cleveland/Raby Bay area. It offers easy access to Moreton Bay Islands, where various leisure activities are available. It only takes an hour’s drive to the Gold Coast and an hour and a half to the Sunshine Coast.

Things To Do in Raby Bay

Raby Bay Foreshore Park, located along Raby Bay Boulevard, is adjacent to the boat harbour, which offers a beautiful panorama across Moreton Bay to the lighthouse. It features a small playground, a picnic shelter and a small open grassed area. There is a bicycle/ walking pathway that leads along the waterfront.

A much bigger park can be found on Masthead Drive, located further along the waterfront. The playground is bigger, there are plenty of walking/ biking paths, a small beach to wade in, and many open, grassy areas.

The Barbeque and Picnic Area at Raby Bay Boulevard offers a glorious view of the bay. Bring your own meat to barbeque, plus salads, chips, bread, fruits and desserts. The covered BBQ area has plenty of seating, tables, and cooking facilities. You can go fishing in the canal, organise a game of cricket or soccer in the massive parkland area, or take your kids to play in the beach area.

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