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Tips to Gain Small Business Customer Loyalty

Many small businesses in Australia are still up to their neck in paperwork. A recent global survey of 2,000 small businesses by Intuit found that Aussie business owners consume 25% of their time on admin tasks and only 22% are actually working to expand their business. The item that was listed as the “biggest barrier […]

Facts that Taxpayers Need to Know About Private Rulings

For taxpayers who could be thinking that the ATO’s recent move to improve and streamline private ruling applications translates into “open slather”, here are some sober facts you need to know. Of course, taxpayers who are worried that their situation may place them in an unfamiliar spot tax-wise can apply for a private ruling. Examples […]

The ATO Reveals What Attracts Its Attention

According to the ATO, there are particular behaviours, characteristics and tax concerns that draw its notice. But because it concentrates more on making sure that taxpayers get things right rather than on the trouble and costs of pursuing every tax offender, the tax office has revealed the incidents or circumstances that are more likely to […]

Making the Hard Decisions for your Business

Running a growing business is a constant challenge. But the hard part for business owners comes when they have to make tough decisions that can impact their employees, which they already consider family and therefore, making them people they care about. These hard calls come in various forms, such as terminating an employee, promoting one […]

Trust Explained

“A fiduciary relationship in which one person (the trustee) holds the title to property (the trust estate or trust property) for the benefit of another (the beneficiary)” – this is how trust is defined in the dictionary. Reasons to set up a trust To protect assets is one of the major reasons for creating a […]

Tips for Gaining Repeat Business

All small businesses aspire to grow. But where is the source of that growth? The common answer is “attracting new customers.” But this could come at a massive cost. Competition is stronger than ever. Moreover, marketing is harder now with the proliferation of Internet advertising and social media offering. Virtually all small businesses are online […]

How to Forecast your Sales

Budgeting is part of operating a business. This task includes predicting your sales and distinguishing your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to help you in preparing your budget. When you have come up with a figure, you and your team now have targets to meet so it’s worth all the effort. So, where do you begin? […]