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10 Important Questions to Ask your Potential Bookkeeper

Your business can truly benefit from having a bookkeeper. Whether one works for you full time or part time, you still must make sure they are the right one and have the skills to meet the requirements of your business.

You can ensure they are the right fit for you by asking these 10 important questions:

1. What are your qualifications?

You have to make sure your bookkeeper is qualified. If you are hiring a bookkeeper to do your Business Activity Statement (BAS), then they must be either a registered tax agent or BAS agent.

2. Do you have any experience in my particular industry?

Make sure your bookkeeper has particular experience in your line of business or similar business because they would know how your business is run and would require less training specific to your industry.

3. What kinds of clients do they currently serve?

This would let you know if they are serving clients that are the same as you in industry, size and growth. You can even request to talk to a few of their clients to learn of their experience with your potential bookkeeper.

4. Are you at ease using my accounting software?

Choose a bookkeeper who is familiar with your accounting software and other added technology, like the point of sale systems.

5. What are the other services you offer?

A number of bookkeeper also offer support with technology, such as point of sale systems, scanning receipts and invoices straight to your accounting system, and software for online invoicing.

6. Can you offer assistance in growing my business?

The services offered by many bookkeepers go beyond bookkeeping. They can use your financial reports to offer guidance on how your business can perform better and also impart what they experience with other clients.

7. Are you a part of a bookkeeping organisation?

The right bookkeeper will make sure your business always conforms to laws. Thus, they have to be current with changes in rules. They are expected to have frequent trainings in these aspects, if they are a part of a legit bookkeeping organisation.

8. What are your fees and how do you charge fees?

Ask whether they charge hourly, monthly or for tasks accomplished. There are bookkeepers that offer packages that consist of accounting software and regular monthly services.

9. Will I get savings from my accounting bills?

Find out from the bookkeeper what jobs they can perform that your accountant is presently doing for you. You may save plenty of money on accounting fees if you pay a bookkeeper for some services.

10. Do you have a back-up plan if you get sick or injured?

If you intend to use your bookkeeper for only part of the time, find out what happens if they can’t do their task for whatever reason.

Picking a suitable bookkeeper is similar to picking an employee, so use these questions to help you find the bookkeeper that fits your business.

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