Business Vision

Having a Vision for your Business

It is essential to have a vision for your business. Your team can use this as a guide so they know what they are a part of and what direction they are going. The team’s goals and duties/ responsibilities will align to this so that all members are going in the same direction with a well-defined, cohesive objective. Business culture can also be shaped over time to make sure it is helping you achieve the vision.

Based on our experience, business owners from small to big may or may not have a vision. Those with vision, range from expressing it in a babble of sentences, to a few expressing something that is clear and intelligible.

If a clear vision is present, those businesses that can also draft a written document that is updated, easily available and supported within the organisation are certainly few.

Don’t worry if the vision for your business is not clear; you are one in many businesses out there. However, there is no better time to start than now. But remember that you may not be able to sit down for an hour and come with a perfectly polished vision. The process will take time and several versions before you can come up with something that you can take pride in.

What’s the starting point? You have to get into a mindset of thinking strategically to establish a business vision. Pick a time frame to work with, maybe 5 or 10 years from now, or maybe a time period that corresponds with a scheduled event, and consider how you want your business to be described when that time comes.

Here a few perspectives you can use to describe your future business:

  • Yours as the owner
  • Your customers
  • Your team members

It will benefit you to ask questions frequently during this process. Why? It’s because it helps you reach the heart of what your purpose really is and see beneath the window dressing of what sounds pleasant.

PJS Accountants offers expertise in supporting business owners in attaining clarity for their vision and in creating a plan to shift to it. If you need help in obtaining clarity of your business’ future, contact PJS Accountants.