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SMEs Set to Benefit from New Company Tax Relief

The Australian government and crossbench senators have agreed on legislation that would cut the company tax rate for taxpayers with a combined turnover of as much as $50 million. With $24 million in estimated cost over a 10-year period, the measure is intended to foster economic activity and employment from small- to medium-sized enterprises. Cut […]

Key Legal Implications of Having a Company Car

A car can be used as an incentive for employees. Employees can use an executive car to meet with their clients. A truck or van can be used to deliver your products. These and more are many reasons why investing in a car for your business makes sense. But having a company car isn’t without […]

Lessons to Learn from a Business Losing Money

“Don’t waste a good mistake, learn from it” – a piece of wisdom from popular money guru Robert Kiyosaki. But not only should you learn from your mistakes, it is also wise to learn from the mistakes of others. Here are some important lessons that business owners have learned from the terrible experience of losing […]

Tips for Staying Productive on the Road

Giving your team fancy gadgets is just one way to make sure they stay productive on the road. There is also finding the right tools to help you and your team make the most of each work day. Mobile productivity drive On impulse, you’d probably think that shopping for gadgets is the first step to […]

What Do You Do When A Key Employee Leaves?

How do you deal when a key employee resigns from the company, or worse, decides to go to your competitor? For small businesses, the impact of a key employee leaving can be significant. The impact on the business will be are the more obvious if the one leaving is client-facing. According to HR experts, the […]

Key Changes to Annual Leave Entitlements You Need to Know

A number of very important changes have recently been made by the Fair Work Commission to annual leave entitlements for employees contained in the Fair Work Act 2009. It is now critical for you to familiarise yourself with these changes because: The changes are now officially authorised for implementation. Prosecution and penalties apply to those […]

Overcoming the Distraction Syndrome

Our attention space has been one of the major casualties of the information age. According to a Microsoft study conducted in May 2015, an adult human’s average concentration span had decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to only 8 seconds in 2015. Putting this finding into context, the attention span of humans is a second […]

7 Things to Look at on your Return on Capital Employed

Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) is the main measure to look at when evaluating the financial performance of a business. Aside from measuring the profitability of a business, ROCE also measures how effectively the capital was used. Basically, if ROCE is not high enough, it means something is not quite right. ROCE is the measure […]