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Put Selling Out of your Mind; Build Trust

It’s likely that you have purchased something from someone you don’t trust. But it’s doubtful that you’d dealt with the same person for a second, or even a third time. This is because it’s human nature not to deal with people that we don’t trust.

Buzz words like solution-selling, strategic-selling and more recently social-selling are all over today’s marketplace. You can easily get confused on where to get started with selling your product or services.

If you are considering launching a new business, product or service, or expanding an existing one, the best to go about it is to first establish trust.

All relationships are based on trust. As a result of building good relationships, a business becomes more stable and gets good sales. It sounds easy, but it is actually hard to identify what trust really is.

To begin understanding it, let us use David Maister’s Trust equation, taken from his book “The Trusted Advisor.”

Trust = Credibility + Reliability + Intimacy
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Know what you’re talking about.

Familiarise yourself with your product or service and learn the market you are entering. It will look good if you do. Being familiar with it will bring your conversations up to date and will allow you to grab attention.

Remember that it isn’t about boasting a list of features or making a 10-minute sales pitch. It is about what you need to know about the market or sector you’re operating in, or some great testimonials from your customers.


Do what you say you’re going to do.

If you receive an offer for your product, make sure you keep it simple and you deliver. When meeting with customers, be early or at least be on time. This shows that you can be relied on.

If you are shipping or delivering products, deliver them to your customers prior to the deadline. Such a simple act leaves a good impression and will probably make them your advocates. These people are the most effective sales tool available to businesses.


Genuinely care about the people you are dealing with.

Your service or product becomes valuable to people if something in it contributes to their success. It is also not just about the item you’re selling, but more importantly about your insights or connections with other people, to sincerely assist them in whatever they are striving to achieve.


Don’t communicate with your customers only when there is a benefit to you.
Avoid calling your meetings “sales meetings” because you are likely to be actually doing this. Some people hate talking to sales people because they think that they’re only talking to them because of a possibility of making a sale. Never make people feel like they are a walking dollar sign.

We erode trust each time we behave only for our own gain. If you can deal with people or prospective customers with the goal of striving to offer value, then you are well on your way to establishing trust.

By understanding the above components, you can determine the best way to operate in your selected market. Define a clear purpose that adds value to the person you’re dealing with during meetings or market communications.

Each individual you deal with should be willing to advocate for your product or company on your behalf. They will do this if you have built trust with them.

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