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The Latest ATO Tax Policies and Guidelines

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO), true to its mandate, continues to issue policies and guidelines for a fairer and more efficient and administration of Australia’s federal taxation and superannuation system. Our PJS Accountants November 2015 Newsletter discusses the latest ATO tax laws and policies that are of interest to individual taxpayers, small business owners, and accountants and other tax practitioners:

  • Immediate deductibility of capital start-up expenses
  • Small business protections from unfair contract terms
  • The ATO and its regulations of SMSFs

The ATO has also taken certain actions designed to further improve tax system and collection:

  • Data matching program – on eBay online sales
  • ATO moves on cafes and restaurants
  • ATO and United States IRS share bank information
  • New multi-agency approach to fight serious financial crimes

Download our November Newsletter here to read the full stories

If you have any concerns about the latest policy and guidelines updates from the ATO, talk to a tax specialist about them. PJS Accountants offers a full range of tax consultation and planning services. For enquiries, call us on (07) 3245 5726 or contact us here.