Man checking his mobile phone in front of a railroad

Tips for Staying Productive on the Road

Giving your team fancy gadgets is just one way to make sure they stay productive on the road. There is also finding the right tools to help you and your team make the most of each work day.

Mobile productivity drive

On impulse, you’d probably think that shopping for gadgets is the first step to begin your mobile productivity push. But treat this as any other IT project; the first thing you should do is consider your requirements and identify your objectives.

With your objectives in mind, you are more capable of evaluating the appropriate apps, hardware and services for your requirements.

For sharing documents among your team, you should first look at online office suites, such as Google Docs, Microsoft’s Office 365 and Apple’s iWork.

Coordinating among team members can be done using corporate messaging apps such as Slack and project management tools like Basecamp. With so many collaboration services available, it would serve you well to research and do a trial instead of buying the first thing you come across.

Find apps or services that work well with any device and consider carefully before using closed ecosystems that would lock you to specific providers.

Free services are tempting, but don’t close your mind to paid business-grade options. Don’t limit your review on just advanced features, but also consider improved customer support and service level agreements.

The proper gadget for the task

In terms of portable productivity tools, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You have to find the balance between portability, usability and battery life, taking into account how the team members spend their day.

If you’ve decided on using apps and services that work on any device then each member probably doesn’t need to have the same hardware. This way you can freely review all kinds of smartphones, tablets, notebooks and hybrid devices.

Business-issued and Bring Your Own Device options are also worth considering.
Rather than wasting time deciding between Windows and Mac, or Android and Apple, focus on defining a few use cases and user profiles.

For example, some employees spend most of their time on their desks, while others are always on the field.

Some need batteries that can last all day, while others are within easy reach of a power outlet or car charger. Some personnel always have access to Wi-Fi, while others require mobile broadband to be on hand.

Portability is an important requirement for devices that will often be used while on the road, while screen glare is a consideration for devices when used outside.

Employees whose task is to create and edit documents may require a decent physical keyboard.

When you identify what each of your employee needs in a portable productivity device, and the work they will be doing on the device, it would be much easier to pair them with the right hardware for the task.

Maintaining constant communication

Access to a reliable mobile voice and data service is important to stay productive on the road, but you have to consider other things aside from receiving a great deal on your handset.

There are many business-grade mobile plans out there, but nowadays there’s a good chance you would need mobile data more.

Find options like the ability to integrate separate data-only SIM cards for notebooks and tablets and combine data allowances.

If you are running a large organisation, you would have to find business-grade tools like a central portal to oversee all of your mobile accounts.

It is also important to read the fine print about excess data charges and global roaming rates so you won’t be shocked when you get your monthly bill.

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