Recruitment Advertising written in a blackboard

What is the Real Cost of Recruitment Advertising to You?

A major factor when deciding between using a recruitment agency and recruiting using in-house systems is COST. The hiring process involves many types of costs, and all of them can pile up. One type is the outlay to advertise your position, which can be expensive, if done incorrectly.

Here are three tips to remember when undertaking your recruitment campaign:

1. Posts outside of mainstream job boards too

The quality of responses you receive will depend on where you advertise your vacancy. You may immediately post on mainstream job boards, but consider your position and the places where your prospective applicants may be searching. Many people blow their recruitment advertising money on job boards that they know because they are popular, not because they’ve checked candidate traffic or quality. Check out niche job boards. While some may be more expensive than mainstream job boards, but if you can find your target candidates there then it’s a good use of your money.

2. Don’t forget that an employee may not be quick to manage your posting

You have to constantly check on candidate quality if you want a well-managed recruitment campaign. Don’t wait until the end of your allotted advertising month to assess your applicants. Do it as you go. If you think that you or any of your staff don’t have the time to check the campaign every week, consider how much you would lose, if at the end of the moment you discover that you have lost a most deserving candidate to a more diligent employer.

3. Review your figures

You may be wasting so much in recruitment advertising by not bringing in the deserving candidates. You’ll never know if you are spending your advertising dollars right if you neglect to do a report at the end of every campaign to identify which job boards gave the best results. You can avoid making the wrong advertising decisions if you ask your candidates where they saw your job ad and make a month-on-month comparison.

The recruitment process, particularly job advertising, is one area where there is no need to waste money. If you want to know if your advertising dollars are being spent in the right manner, talk to your accountant or call PJS Accountants. We offer accounting and other booking services to individuals and companies, big and small. Allow our team to evaluate your financial situation and advise you on the right measures to gain repeat business. Contact PJS Accountants for enquiries.