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Planning your Retirement

It is essential to be ready as much as possible if you are about to embark on a major lifestyle change like retirement. Here are four tips to help you find the plan that you need for your retirement:

1. Plan on how you will remain healthy.

You have to be healthy so that you can enjoy your retirement. Create a plan for how you will remain in the peak of health, at present and in the years ahead. This could include seeking locations that are ideal for walks or jogging, or participating in some type of organised sports club. For your exercise to be effective, you have to find good routines and stick to them. Instead of squeezing your exercise sessions during your free time, it’s good to plan your entire week, allotting a special time to go walking in the park.

2. Settle all your legal issues.

You should be enjoying life and suffering as little stress as possible when you are retired. Find a reputable lawyer to handle all your important legal matters, thus allowing you to fully enjoy your retirement years. Choose a lawyer who is skilled in assisting retirees and who will give you a clear plan for what you have to do to ensure your family is taken care of. You may have a hard time understanding the law, so having the assistance the assistance of a lawyer can greatly ease your mind.

3. Assess your lifestyle.

Take stock of your home with a critical eye so you can see the things that you don’t use anymore. Your emotions can get in the way while you do this, but clearing out your junk will make you feel better. You can earn extra cash from selling unwanted belongings, and you can have a better appreciation of the things you really love without so many junk cluttering your home.

4. Discover hobbies to occupy your time.

Instead of spending most of your time parked in front of the television, keep your concentration and memory healthy by discovering a new craft or hobby that you enjoy. This activity could be as difficult as keeping a personal journal, or as easy as water colouring. The essential thing is that you are spending your time honing your creativity and using your mind to acquire a new skill. You may even turn this hobby into a little business, depending on how proficient you become. One way or the other, your time is spent enjoying and keeping active.

It is not too early to start planning your retirement. Consult with financial advisors on how you can best enjoy your retirement years. One of PJS Accountants’ areas of specialty is estate planning. We are experts in customising estate-planning solutions to meet your special family situation. It is our aim to protect your wealth and assets. We also offer other services including accounting, taxation, business improvement, superannuation, business valuations, asset protection, succession planning, and bookkeeping. Contact PJS Accountants for enquiries.