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What Do Accountants Do and When Do you Hire One?

Accountants are not just simply number crunchers; they can also provide critical information to help employers manage and oversee various areas of their business, as well as the financial aspect.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of Compliance Accountants, Financial Accountants, Taxation Accountants, Strategic Accountants and Management Accountants? Do they have similar jobs? Which of these types of accountants do I need?

Nowadays, you will find several specialised areas of accountants and accountants that provide a wide range of services. It is no longer just compliance, customers want more and nothing is wrong with that.

So, what things should I consider when choosing the right accountant for me and my business?

Well, choosing an accountant is like choosing a doctor; you must be comfortable with the person you would be dealing with. And the same as the case with doctors, you sometimes have this desire to seek another opinion, and that’s alright.

Meet with your prospective accountant and ask some important questions. What are the services they offer; are they personalised? Are they offering great value for your money? Do they specialise in a particular area?

Take a look at what your business needs and what you want in terms of accounting solutions. Some clients are content with no-frills packages, others would only go for an accountant that offers all the works.

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