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Christmas crackers – Our favourite cracker jokes

We all know Christmas cracker jokes are fairly bad but we still read them anyway. Here are our top 10: Who hides in the bakery at Christmas? A mince spy. What would you call a person who is afraid of Santa? Claustrophobic. What do you give someone who has everything? Penicillin. What did Adam say […]

Santa ‘Clauses’ – 5 Festive Season Problem Areas

1. An anti-social media Xmas party Just imagine that embarrassing photo from the Christmas party (you know the one with the glass of champagne and the photocopier) being circulated to your key customer contacts, or even worse, your mother. Social media creates a whole new way for that expensive company image to be trashed by […]

No surprises this Christmas

Boom time or down time, every business needs to manage the Christmas period. Managing the holiday season well can make a big difference to how your business is positioned in the New Year. Here are our top tips: The scrooge approach to outstanding debtors Put extra effort into following up debtors. The closer we get […]

The Hidden Danger of Salary Sacrifice Agreements

If you haven’t reviewed your salary sacrifice arrangement for a while then two recent changes should have spurred you into action. The first is the increase to the super guarantee (SG) rate from 1 July 2013. While the increase from 9% to 9.25% doesn’t sound like a lot, it can have a big impact. The […]

Never Ending Story – More Tax Changes from 1 January

Normally we wouldn’t advise you of potential tax changes until we were absolutely certain that they were going to happen. But this potential tax change is a bit different because if the change goes ahead, your decisions pre and post 1 January could mean several thousand dollars. Late last month the Government released draft legislation […]

What Does the New Government Mean To You?

What does the new Government mean to you? On the first day of the Coalition Government, the new Prime Minister Tony Abbott instructed the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to draft legislation to remove the Carbon Tax (to be completed within a month), with the intention of introducing the legislation on the first day […]

Gone Phishing – The Top Scams

Every year, thousands of people are caught by scams. A recent Australian Competition & Consumer Commission report stated that in 2012, Australians reported losing over $93m – that’s just the people who reported the scam. From the ATO The ATO has issued a warning about a new phishing email scam. Pretending to be from the […]

Losing it! How To Make the Most of Your Losses

No one in business likes a loss at the end of the financial year. Most of us have grown up on the mantra ‘brackets are bad.’ Recent changes however might soften the blow by giving you access to a cash refund from the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Australia might have been a shining economic light […]

ATO Fires First Warning Shot

The Tax Office has fired the first warning shot in the war against naive, deceptive and dishonest taxpayers, revealing its targets for 2013/2014. The big picture or big brother? Fundamentally, the way the Tax Office addresses compliance has changed. Gone are the days of comprehensive audits and visits. Instead, most compliance issues are identified by […]

Driving you crazy: FBT and cars

In mid July, the Government sparked a frenzy when it announced plans to remove the statutory formula method for salary sacrificed and employer provided vehicles. The announcement has meant that most businesses, and as it turns out Governments, have postponed entering into any new agreements (e.g. novated leases) until there is greater clarity. The reason […]